Thursday, January 20, 2005

Back at uni

Yeeeaaaaassssss, well I did say not to count on it didn't I?! Well, my last week at home was very gentle as I was ill for most of it so spent a couple of days vegetating on the sofa - it's so great having the opportunity to do that without feeling guilty cos you've got 6 lectures to be in, 15 pieces of coursework on the go and have 9 exams in the next 3 days - ahhhhh the joys of an engineering degree!

However, on that, I do seem to have got off very lightly with my timetable this term - for the first 6 weeks I will only have 15 hours of lectures a week - then from week 7 it will go up to 18. Still, that is a huge reduction on the last 3 semesters, so I am very pleased :-D Apologies to all those to whom I've always said that quantity doesn't constitute a real degree, I take it all back...................well, most of it!

It's great to be back at uni, which is a real relief as I wasn't looking forward to coming back much after a far too hectic term before Christmas and a fantastic break at home. God has been great in answering prayers I had about that - a great reminder of how faithful He is!

Must go - I start my first lecture of the day at 12 (really, all this free time is a bit of an alien concept to me - good job I've already got some work to keep me busy!)

Take care one and all xXx

Monday, January 10, 2005

Hoorah hooray!!

Well, hello all! Apologies for lack of posting recently – hopefully when I’m back at uni with broadband(!) my posting will be a little less hit-and-miss, although don’t count on it!

Well, the last few days have been fairly relaxed spent at home, but boring to read about, so I won’t subject you! However, the big exciting news is that I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST – WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Very exciting – it’s been a little while in coming, but I passed this morning on my 2nd test with 5 minors – not bad I thought! Finally, I shall actually be able to drive my car – imagine that!

Hope you are all well, and I’ll post again soon. Lots of love xXx

Monday, January 03, 2005

Some time to relax

Well, yesterday was it's usual very relaxing self in the Partridge household! Sundays up here are great as church doesn't start until 11am, so there's time for a lie-in and time to waste - excellent! The service was really good - talking about Genesis 3 - The Fall etc. One thing that really struck me was how much I take from my relationship with God while giving as little as I can, which really is a rubiish way of conducting any sort of relationship, let alone one with my Saviour. So, something to work on this year!

Then we popped up to see Dave's grandparents, as is always done on a Sunday, for a cup of tea and the yummiest home-made biscuits in the world! Then back for Roast dinner - I am making the most of them before the time comes to return to uni!

Then in the afternoon I went for a walk with Dave up on One Tree Hill. We had a bit of a wander and went to the top of the hill to watch the sunset. Unfortunately there were some trees blocking our view of the actual sunset - rather rude I thought! - but it was very lovely all the same.

Then we went to Church in the evening - some time of praise and worship, reflection on the last year and plans for this year, very inspiring. And afterwards went with some others to Jeremy and Vicki's house - Jel is Dave's cousin - for hot chocolate and lots of chatting!

So, now it's Monday morning and I'm off home in half an hour. Dave started work at 7 this morning - always a little rude on Bank Holidays! I won't see him again until a week Friday - that's a long time for us! Still, lots of fun things awaiting me at home, so all is good.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Christmas and New Year

Well, what a very busy week! Christmas was a lovely time - Dave made it down to sunny Devon safely, and in very good time, so was with us by 7.30 on Christmas Eve. We went to our midnight service at church, which is always one of my favouritist services of the year, and then headed to bed - Dave had been up since 6 that morning, and a 19 hour day meant he was rather tired!

Christmas morning dawned - a little too early as I had to be at church for 8.55 to play in the band!! Now, Father Christmas has recently stopped visiting my house at Christmas - we are beginning to try and play at being grown-ups now! However, as if by magic, he sent two pillowcases down from Essex in the back of my car for myself and Dave to open on Christmas morning, which I think was rather clever! So, after much excited present-examining we were off to church for the 2 family services, which were fantastic. Then back home for Roast Turkey with all the trimmings - yummmmmmmm! (thanks Mum - you are a legend!), and we began to open the huge pile of presents that had amassed under our tree. It was a really lovely afternoon, with the whole family (my Mum, 2 sisters and respective husbands), and Dave, just to finish off the fun!

Boxing Day dawned, and I was again playing in church, but wasn't needed until 10, so there was even time for a bit of a lie-in! Unfortunately, Dave didn't feel particularly well - twas the start of a rather nasty viral sore throat and cold, which he is still soldiering bravely through (obviously, as all men do!). Boxing day was very relaxed - more good food, a walk along the coast and an early night - hooray!

Monday I travelled up to Dave's with him on the train to join his family's annual get-together - a rather daunting prospect for those of us coming from small families! We missed the walk as Dave wasn't feeling great, but joined the 35ish members of his family for tea and games afterwards. Much fun was had, and his family are lovely, making me feel very welcome - in fact all went very well, apart from a somewhat embarrassing "Squeak Piggy Squeak" moment, but that's another story..........!

The last few days I have been to visit my sister Lucy and husband Gavin in their new house in Leighton Buzzard - a very lovely house, I am greatly jealous! A spots of sales shopping and curtain choosing made for a very enjoyable couple of days.

Then yesterday it was back to join Dave and his family in Essex. We celebrated New Year at a friend Carol's house in a very civilised manor - drinks, nibbles and board games. And now we're into 2005 - a very scary prospect! Although very exciting, as who knows what will happen.....?