Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Events Week!

Hey everyone,

First, huge apologies for massive lack of posts - I will try to get better I promise!

But, the reason they are so lacking is because this is our CU Events Week, which Dave and I are coordinating between us, with approx. 50 others -it's quite an operation, and has been for the last couple of weeks! For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, Events Week (or Mission Week as it's known elsewhere) is a week where the CU puts on a series of events, with a talk on some of the big issues in life, and talks that explain some of the basics of the Christian Faith.

Unfortunately I haven't got time to go into details - you wouldn't believe how manic it is! But if you'd like to know more then check out www.surreycu.co.uk - that's being updated every day, and has a link to our timetable for the week.

To those of you who do, your prayers would be greatly appreciated - it's a week of amazing opportunities which we want to make the most of, and our ultimate aim is that the Gospel is preached faithfully to as many as possible, all for the Glory of God. Thanks very much!

So there we go - brief I know I'm sorry! I will let you all know how it went, I pomise!

Take care xXx