Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Personality Test

Hey Everybody!

Apologies for it being well over a month since my last post - outrageous behaviour! Life has been busy, although less busy then it used to be as I have handed over my CU committee position to the next years' cohort! Still, work load has been a bit crazy the last few weeks - honestly, I'm sure that wasn't in the contract when I first came to uni!

Anyway, since everyone seems to be doing these at the moment I thought it would be rubbish to miss out! So here is my personality test:

Sociability 92%
Aggressiveness 56%
Assertiveness 51%
Activity Level 92%
Excitement-Seeking 22%
Enthusiasm 81%
Extroversion 65%

Trust 49%
Submissiveness 97%
Altruism 94%
Cooperation 98%
Modesty 95%
Sympathy 89%
Friendliness 87%

Confidence 60%
Neatness 76%
Dutifulness 85%
Achievement 85%
Self-Discipline 89%
Cautiousness 91%
Orderliness 81%

Anxiety 13%
Volatility 17%
Depression 74%
Self-Consciousness 22%
Impulsiveness 13%
Vulnerability 30%
Emotional Stability 72%

Imagination 11%
Artistic Interests 7%
Introspection 11%
Adventurousness 39%
Intellect 62%
Liberalism 6%
Openmindedness 22%

So there we go. I'd love to know what you think - what you agree with, what you don't! Do let me know.

Hope you're all well, and will hopefully be in touch with those I haven't spoken to for a while very soon.

Take care and God Bless,


Rach xXx