Thursday, April 07, 2005

Exciting news!

Hello everybody!

Sorry for the slightly impersonal nature of this, but between us we just know too many people!

This is a quick e-mail to let you know that Dave and I have just got engaged (this evening, in fact!)! How exciting :-) Very very!

For all those of you who want to know the gory details... Dave took me up on to Dartmoor, aiming to watch a nice sunset and eat our picnic dinner, but unfortunately the weather decided to blow a gale and chuck it down with rain! So, after a very delightful dinner, and a quick walk around the tor he got down on the obligatory one knee! Tee hee :-) I of course said yes - well, who wouldn't?! :-D

And the ring...? White gold with a single diamond. Perfect!

So, that is our exciting news! Hope we get to see you sometime soon,

Lots of love
Rach and Dave