Tuesday, June 28, 2005

One week in

Well, I'm over a week in, and it's been a bit hectic! But lots of fun - hard work but interesting, which always makes the work more pleasant! We've been into a local hospital twice doing clinical tests - and yes, I coped fairly well with the early morning! And otherwise I've been learning the ropes - playing with...I mean fixing...the devices, carrying out some data analysis - that is well complicated! - and doing some general reading around the subject to further my understanding and to feed back to the board. All quite scary and grown-up stuff!

I spent the weekend up in Milton Keynes at Dave's new house - it's very nice, although the colour scheme is somewhat extraordinary! I made it all the way there without taking a single wrong turn (may have something to do with the very comprehensive directions Dave had sent me!), although was driving through an amazing storm - scary but awesome all at once! We went to a bbq on Saturday, with lots of the students from the company Dave is working for, which was a lot of fun, they're a good laugh and I think Dave's gonna have a good time up there! Chilled out and watched a really interesting TV film in the evening - the one about the G8 Summit. I don't know if anyone saw it? It was very thought provoking - the message was that in just a few days time there's gonna be just 8 men in a room with the resources and opportunity to save thousands of precious lives a day. Will they do it? Well, all we can do is watch and pray, and show our support for Tony Blair (no matter what else we might think of him) and his stance on really wanting to push these proposals through.

Well, rant over! Then Sunday morning I went with Dave to his church - it was good, sound, and lots of people were very friendly. It was quite extraordinary how many people knew his name and/or face as that was only his 3rd week. Clearly he's made an impression!

Travelled back Sunday afternoon to go back to my church in Viginia Water. It's really good - very sound, and lots of lovely people. I've already got myself into the music group - probably a dangerous move on their part since they heven't yet heard me play a note! And Sunday evening I went to check out the youth group for 14-18s, and am hopefully gonna start helping out there as they're in desperate need of female leaders! I also went along to the student group last Thursday, which was fun, and we had a very interesting discussion about the Bible, and about different religions as the majority of students there are Chinese or from Hong Kong.

So there we go - almost half way through my second week! This year is going to fly!

Hope you're all well. Let me know what you're up to.

God Bless,


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Just a bit of fun

Now this is quite fun! Unfortunately now I've found this site you're likely to find a lot of randomness such as this on here! But hey, it's all good fun! Let me know what you think.

'What kind of alcoholic drink are you?'


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Monday, June 20, 2005

First day done

First day was good - bit manic, they are definitely throwing me in the deep end! But have just played a round of golf with my colleagues (I have just spent a lot of time working out how that's spelt!) (there's a little 9 hole course on this campus!!!), and in a little while I'm off to the pub - I like this work mallarky!

However, tomorrow we are doing clinical trials, which are starting extra specially early just for the day. 8 o'clock...'that's not early' I hear you cry. Well, no, except that the hospital is an hour and a half drive away - that means leaving at 6.30am!!!

But anyway, the work is really interesting, and the people I'm working with are great, so here's to a good, albeit busy, year [:)]

Sunday, June 19, 2005

New home

Well, one week on! It's been a fairly relaxing week, which has been very nice and a long time in coming! I haven't really had much of a chance to chill out and have some space since last summer, so I've been really enjoying the simple things in life - been able to read a few books etc, and I've even enjoyed doing some cooking, just because I've had time to do it - and it's been a thing to be enjoyed, not just a necessesity!

Thanks for prayers re: Accomodation. It's all sorted, praise God. I'm in a room on Brunel Uni's minor campus in Egham, and the room is really nice! Although quite quiet cos it's holiday time so there's not many people around. The grounds are stunning though, and when I arrived on Friday, before I even saw any people, I was greeted by a little family of rabbits - very cute :)

So yes, moved myself in on Friday, and then Dave came down from Milton Keynes where he'd just finished his first week of placement at Volkswagon, and consequently was travelling in the nice shiny new car he's hiring for the year (photo on his blog - blog.troikamusic.co.uk - he's very proud!). Then we spent Friday evening and Saturday in Guildford, catching up with some people over dinner and a few rounds of Uno!

Then popped back up to Guildford this morning, in an attempt to make it to church. Which we would have done, had we actually managed to find it! We drove round Virginia Water for half an hour before deciding that even if we did find it it was far to late to walk in to somewhere we'd never been before! So came back home, had a look at some more maps etc, and hopefully my expedition this evening will prove a little more fruitful!

Well, I start work tomorrow morning, which should be good. I'm looking forward to getting some structure back into my life after being a student for 2 years! I shall keep you informed (at least, I'll do my best!), so keep reading!

Take care xXx

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sorry Guys! Mamoth post to make up for it though :-)

Hello All.

Apologies for amazing lack of posts over the last couple of months. I could spend the next few paragraphs making excuses, but I shan't. Just take it that I'm rubbish, and am now gonna very swiftly fill you in on some of what's been happening!

Well, after very exciting engagement things, and 3 parties later (yes, 3 - what a lot of people we know in many different places! Oh, and a big thank you to all those who have given us presents, they are much appreciated!) it was time to settle back into term time. Work was going well until about 10 days before my exams started when I was diagnosed with a kidney infection, having been in vast amounts of back pain for 3 or 4 days. All was good and I was getting better, until I started getting worse again - how rude! After random face swelling and a somewhat extraordinary rash covering my entire body we discovered I was allergic to the antibiotics I was on! So anyway, to cut a long story short, God was really faithful and healed me tres quickly, which was very good news because, as well as exams starting in 4 days by this time, it was my birthday 2 days later, and I was getting baptised 3 days later!

So yes, on to the very most exciting weekend of term! My family all came up on the Saturday evening and we went out for a meal to celebrate my 20th birthday (man, I'm getting old!). It was really nice to have everyone together with no pressure on time. And then on the Sunday morning I was baptised at my church in Guildford, called Millmead. Baptism is something I have been feeling really challenged about over the last few months, and it was quite a difficult decision for various reasons which I won't go into here, but safe to say that I was doing it in obedience to God, and that was the most important thing! It was great to have so many people there to support me too. Dave's family also came down from Essex, as did my Godparents, and Hollie came up from Soton (cheers lovely!). Also, lots of my coursemates and some of Dave's old and current housemates came along to see what was going on, and that led to some great convosations in the following days. It was a wonderful experience, I felt the most amazing sense of peace whilst in the water, and that has stayed with me since. It was especially noticable as the following day I started 8 days of exams, and having been ill my preparation for them was much less than I'd have liked. However, God was faithful, the Holy Spirit gave me peace throughout, and my calmness was noticed by various coursemates!

Exams were ok. I haven't got results yet, and it's always hard to gauge, so I'm trying not to speculate! I guess if I do ok you'll hear about it, and if I haven't then you won't, so I'll leave the speculating to you!

By this time it was the last week of term. I finished exams on the Monday, and on the Tuesday Dave took me out for the day to Cadbury World in Birmingham. It was very very cool and much fun! It was my birthday surprise, given that life around my actual birthday was so manic, and I greatly recommend it to everyone, although it obviously helps if you have a love of chocolate! There's more to do there than you think - including a little ride throughh bean village which we were introduced to with the comment "Other places have love boats; we have a love bean"...awwww, cute!

Then it was all hands on deck to pack and clean our uni house, and also to finish my coursework as I'd had extensions due to illness (obviously this part was done on my own, not with the help of any of those other pairs of hands!).

Since then I've been up to Dave's, celebrating his sister Jo's 18th birthday - congatulations Joey, you made it! And then down to Exeter for the last few days, looking around wedding reception venues and meeting with my vicar. So now I can give you all a date for you diaries - 5th August 2006 is the big day :-)

Well, I think that's all the major events. Can someone please remnd me if I've missed anything?! Now I'm home for a couple of weeks, preparing to start my placement at Asthma Alert in Egham on June 20th. A whole new, exciting chapter! Any of you who do, I'd value your prayers in finally sorting accomodation. Hopefully I will post again soon and update you all!

So take care, and hopefully I'll be able to catch up with those of you whom I haven't seen for a while soon.


P.S. Please please leave me some comments. It's nice to know if people are actually reading this, otherwise it gets a little disconcerting!