Friday, September 23, 2005

Let's all go on a summer holiday...

Hello again boys and girls! It is pleasing to me that I actually have an excuse not to have posted for a while. I’ll warn you now that this is likely to be very long, so if you can’t be bothered to read all the waffle then just look at the pictures, although some may seem somewhat random if you do that!

So, Dave and I went on holiday – hooray! This is the kitchen of our beautiful cottage (I say ours – it actually belongs to my Godparents, but we called it home for a week).

I managed to wangle the King sized bed, in which I felt somewhat lost...

while Dave got the raw end of the deal in the little room!

We went on a steam train ride (which was really fun, even though apart from the pre-school kids and their parents we must have been the youngest by about 30 years)…

…and saw lots of beautiful views

…which at times were quite engrossing! (This actually isn’t a posed pic)

We also went to the seaside, to the Welsh chocolate factory and to the CAT – Centre for Alternative Technology, where basically they’ve built a whole (very small!) community using as many renewable sources of energy as possible, and all the way round the exhibition they lambaste you for driving a car or leaving a tap dripping. The sort of place where at first you completely agree, but by the end of it you’re so fed up of their ‘don’t do this, it’s bad’ with regard to anything you might do in your daily life, you feel a real urge to go and leave a tap running on full or go and take a very long road trip! However, they make some very good points, so once the irritation is out of your system you feel somewhat inspired to go and recycle anything you can get your little mitts on. This is their ‘water-balancing lift’ – a rather clever piece of engineering.

Also during the week we managed to plan lots of bits and pieces for our wedding, and more importantly read a book about how to build a great and long-lasting marriage, which, lets face it, is what we really want to do. Our wedding day is going to be an amazing day, but only because we’ll be celebrating, with the help of family and friends, the start of the rest of our lives – that’s what it’s all about :-)

So that, in a relatively small nutshell, was our holiday. This week I have been busily trying to get back into work mode, and think I am pretty much there now. This week (and next week too) I’m house-/dog-sitting for the youth ministers at my church while they’re in the US for a youth conference. Their dog, Sampson is very cute, but a bundle of energy, and doesn’t much like being left alone all day. But we’re having fun – it’s quite nice to head home from work to a nice little cosy house and someone very excited to see me! And he’s getting used to having me around – the first night I was there he was busily pining for Mark and Meg and slept in their bed for the night. But last night came and joined me – quite cute, but he doesn’t half fidget! Dave, if you fidget like that you’ll be kipping on the sofa :-p

Friday, September 09, 2005

Just a quick one... let you know I am safely into my new house - feels a whole lot more homely already, that's the bonus of a house over uni halls! However, at present we don't have internet there, so my recent very good bloggong record is likely to be spoilt somewhat! I'll also be on MSN a lot less, so please send me emails!

Also, I'm on holiday for the next week - HOORAY! Man, I'm so excited, it's just like being a little kid again! Dave and I are off to Wales, where we have no internet, no TV and very little mobile reception - it's going to be great! I shall post and let you know all about it when we're back, and will hopefully have some of those wedding pictures for you by then too. Til then, take care of yourselves, and write and let me know all your news if you haven't done so recently.

Lots of love xXx

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Supposed to be packing, so this makes a good distraction!

So I'm meant to be packing - but a change is as good as a rest... ;-) Packing indeed as I'm moving house, hoorah! Into a house in central Egham (as if anyone knows where that is) with 4 other random people I've not really met. Fun fun! The house belongs to someone from my church you see, so I shall update you as and when...!

Last weekend I attended the wedding of stunningly beautiful Marianne and wonderful lovely Alistair, and photos will definitely follow when I have them so I'll save the details til then. But thanks to Cat & co for having me to stay - I can honestly say I had not laughed that much for at least a week(!), and it was so great to catch up with you all.

I was just reading this on the BBC news website in the magazine section, and it tickled me so I thought I'd share it. I'm not really sure whether I'm actually allowed to just copy stuff, but since I've told you where it's from, I don't see why not!

Last week the Magazine published some unwritten rules of advertising, as chosen by writer John Camm. You found no shortage of rules to add to the list.

Typical of Camm's rules was : "Married men will flirt with other, younger women but NEVER act upon it.". Many hundreds of you made further suggestions, some of the best of which are published below. And while the battle of the sexes is prominent among them, it seems the number of things that irritate you about advertising are legion.

1. Shop staff always greet you with a smile and answers your questions in a professional manner.
Joe Cole, Winnersh

2. All dogs are happy and stupid. All cats have impeccable taste.
Mike, London

3. Mothers never ever shout at their offspring, and have endless patience.
Shirley, Guildford Surrey

4. Chocolate bars come out of hand bags/top pockets facing forwards, pause for a moment on their journey upwards in the half in/half out state (of hand bag/top pocket) and finally they are opened, perfectly, by simply pulling at the top outermost corner of the wrapping.
Ed Reilly, Birmingham

5. People who talk to the viewer never seem to be noticed by the people around them (i.e. their family, friends, co-workers).
Ally, London

6. If you have dyed red hair you are glamorous and sexy. If you have natural red hair then by all accounts you have a problem.
Sarah, London

7. Cat food smells delicious to humans.
Ian, Redditch

8. Bars are not sweaty, smoky places with very drunk people in them
Catherine, Birmingham

9. Shaving is always performed to music, semi-naked and accompanied by a blonde woman in a towel.
Lorraine, St Albans, UK

10. Young people always live in fantastic flats.
Jason, London

11. You only ever wash one item at a time in your washing machine.
Nigel, London

12. It's possible to take great photos with a camera phone.
Mark Shearman, Bath, UK

13. Pieces of chewing gum only ever fall from their packet in pairs into the hands of the gum eater.
James, London

14. It is totally acceptable and quite normal behaviour to go around kissing babies' bottoms.
Dan, UK

15. Soldiering is portrayed as being on a challenging outward-bound course
Ralph, London

16. Any advert so obscure that you have no idea what it is about will be revealed to be a car advert in the final half-second.
Steve, Kernow, UK

17. Black people don't exist - or at least they don't buy anything.
Vickie, Leeds

18. Women suffer from constipation, men suffer from piles.
Adam Higgitt, Baldock, Herts

19. People with regional accents are always friendly and helpful.
Stephen, Bristol, UK

20. Buying a sofa will not only improve your life beyond measure, it'll also make you and your family beautiful.
Alfie, Cambridge, UK

21. Teenage "sufferers" of acne will only ever have one completely invisible spot, for which they will apply a product which will not only clear the spot, but also miraculously solve all other social issues they might be having.
Russell, Derby, England

22. Slim, young, sexy, beautiful women are invariably and inexplicably married to frumpy, dumpy, pudgy - and quite often balding - middle-aged men.
Katherine, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

23. If senior women are smiling and dancing they must be wearing an adult diaper.
Debra, Germany

24. Cars never sound like cars revving and changing gear, but the gentle sound of a hollow breeze.
Rob Sanders, London

25. Cats are always fed by women.
Mike Knell, Swindon

26. All people are heterosexual.
David, Hove, UK

27. All vicars look like twits.
Aubrey Vaughan, Leicester UK.

28. Married women are *nearly* sexy. (I believe there is an ad industry formula for this.)
Ade , Cheltenham, UK

29. Dogs in adverts never sniff your crotch.
Colin, Glenrothes, Scotland

30. Andie McDowell never ages.
Paul T Horgan, Bracknell, UK

31. Carol Vordeman knows everything.
Dan, Kent

32. Everything is or will be great
Lewis, London

33. Technology works.
Dan, Newquay, UK

Friday, September 02, 2005

More photos

Well, as Joey very obligingly did send me her photos from camp, I thought I would post some as promised!

Starting with the girl herself, this is Kate and Jo, Dave's two sisters and my soon-to-be sisters-in-law looking beautiful :-)

And this is Carol and Martyn, plus a couple of other peoples' feet (!) during it's a knockout playing some game called something to do with penguins...! (Hollie, remind me?) One I shall explain another time :-)

Here we have the girlies - note: managing to stand very sedately and looking beautiful for the duration!

Kit and Daren - yet more of Dave's cousins. Loving the hair Kit! (Apparently he's getting it cut this week - I'll believe it when I see it - which won't be for a long time, and thus I won't believe it!)

The lovely Hollie and the not-quite-so-lovely Jel :-p

And the customary all together camp photo on the last day - everyone managing to look surprisingly with it after a lack of sleep and camp food to contend with!

I did manage to control the urge to put up the 'camp' camp photo - it's just so wrong!