Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Just call me Aunty Rachel!

Yes, it's true - I'm an now Aunt :-)

My not-so-little nephew, called Joshua George, was born at 3pm today weighing 9lb 10oz - bit of a bruiser then! Big congratulations to my eldest sister Lucy and her husband Gavin. I know you're both going to be fantastic parents, and Lucy, I'm so proud of you for doing it alone.

Awwww, a baby I can play with and spoil without having any responsibility or nappy-changing duties - without a doubt the best way they come!

I will post a picture as soon as I have one. In the meantime, please join me in my excitement and joy :-D


At 10/1/06 6:14 pm, Blogger Cat said...

wwoooo YAY!! congrats! thats awsssoommeee!! hehe

At 10/1/06 10:23 pm, Blogger clare isabella said...

oh YAY! That's awesome news...oh I love babies. There are NO babies in my family at the moment which just sucks. But congrats to your sister and to you of course Aunty Rach! Can't wait to see a piccie :)

At 10/1/06 11:49 pm, Anonymous Jo said...

That's fantastic Rachie!

Congratulations to Lucy and Gavin, that is amazing!

So it will be auntie Rachie and uncle David now, how scary!

Love you lots


At 11/1/06 2:47 pm, Blogger Sarah said...

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow *sarah bounces in her chair*

lucky you, and big well done to your sister.

I totally agree that other peoples babies are the way forward (for now at least). I loved spending time with my cousin's baby over new years- just so cute.

Photo's are expected

At 13/1/06 9:55 am, Blogger Paul said...

Yay and woot! woot and woo yay!

At 15/1/06 5:52 pm, Anonymous Jo said...

We want photo's Rachie!

Hope you're ok!

Love you lots


At 16/1/06 9:36 am, Blogger lilrach said...

As soon as I have one Jobo, I promise! I have one on my phone (he's very cute!) but can't transfer that too the computer. I shall get on to bullying my brother-in-law!

At 16/1/06 11:38 am, Blogger Chris said...

Aww... I want to be an aunty! But don't tell my sister, she might get a bit scared ;o)

Congratulations! That's very very cool.


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