Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The moment you've all been waiting for...

Yes, here he is. The very lovely Joshua George Wills for you to coo over at your leisure! He's a few days old here.

And here's him with his lovely parents, Gavin and Lucy.

Dave and I saw him when he was 10 days old. He was very well behaved - is already sleeping fairly well. And he was also able to hold his head up for a little while - impressive, he's going to be an advanced child Lucy tells me!

Anyway, how great is Dave with Josh? He's gonna make such a fab uncle, and an even better Dad, although a long way into the future! You can just see it though can't you (or is that just me? Please say it's not...!)

Not the best pictures of Dave or me - both having an utterly un-photogenic day. But then, it's not us you're looking at anyway!!


At 26/1/06 10:56 am, Blogger Sarah said...

Oh wow


At 26/1/06 2:04 pm, Anonymous Jo said...

Amazing little boy

wow you two are gonna have great beautiful kids.

Love you lots


At 31/1/06 2:02 pm, Blogger Cat said...

aaww thats really beautiful! Nearly brought tears to my eyes! Cant wait till you have babies! there going to be sooo cute!! hehe YAY!

At 1/2/06 9:54 am, Blogger lilrach said...

Really ladies, it's a long long LONG way away, so don't get too excited as yet! Thanks for the encouragment though - I would feel guilty about bringing ugly babies into the world :-p


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