Thursday, January 19, 2006

Swinging hot and cold...

Apologies for lack of baby pictures. I'm afraid I as yet have none, as my sister has been ill and had to head back into the hospital for a bit so their household has been a little manic. However, I shall hopefully be heading to see the small one soon, so as soon as I have pictures, you'll have them!

Well, it's been a while since I did a random post, so we're gonna do a general 'what's hot and what's not in Rachel's world' today - fun!

HOT: Loving my new car - it's another clio, very pretty shade of purpley-red, and just enough bigger than the 106 for me to feel more safe on big roads!

NOT: Night time. This week I've been sleeping (or perhaps not sleeping would be closer to the mark) really badly. Very frustrating lying in bed awake for 8 hours and then having to get up and manage a day at work. Even more frustrating to do it for 3 nights in a row. Luckily, or more accurately by God's grace, I had a good sleep last night - very good job, otherwise I think I may actually have just collapsed part way through today!

HOT: Friends and family. Loving having a nephew, even if I've yet to see him! Dave and I went to Helen and Dave's for lunch last Sunday too, which was ace - good to catch up with them. And we were at Vicky's 21st birthday party on Saturday night (congrats Vix!), which not only was a great opportunity to celebrate with Vicky but also to catch up with school friends I hadn't seen for ages. A couple of pictures courtesy of one of those lovely ladies, thanks Hol:

The ladies from school, plus sundry menfolk

The lady herself

Dave and I - just cos it's a good excuse to put a picture of us up!

I also had Cat come and stay last week - muchos fun, good chats and laughter. Love you girl.

NOT: Work :-( I've been feeling a little lost recently, underpaid, undervalued etc etc! I've been feeling liked I've lacked direction, but I've spoken with both my boss and his boss today, and they're both pleased and excited about the work I've been doing, and that's given me a clear way ahead, which is a great encouragement.

HOT: Dave - Dave is always hot. But I don't tell him enough, so here it is. You've been particularly ace this week when I've been sleepy and incoherent, thank you.

NOT: Grey sky - I just don't like it! i can cope with cold, and wind, and rain usually (especially with a car!), but to go a whole day staring out my office window at grey sky is tres depressing.

HOT: Country music - yes, really. Apologies to all ladies I have at some point studied music with, but I'm really loving it at the moment. My boss is a fan, so all day most days we have playing in the office, and I've been converted. Please don't disown me, please...


At 20/1/06 3:35 pm, Blogger clare isabella said...

I LOVE country music!!
I've been trying to tell everyone how much it rocks for ages... so glad to see another convert :D

and not sleeping is indeed RUBBISH. Hope it carries on getting better xxx

At 23/1/06 2:32 pm, Blogger lilrach said...

It's so cool - so glad I'm not the only one Clare! It's a great way of getting the gospel into the office too - a very large number of Christian country artists it seems.

Sleep is improving greatly too, thank you :o)

At 26/1/06 2:03 pm, Anonymous Jo said...

Yuck Rachie!!!!

You think David is hot?! Now that I just don't understand! He used to have blond curtains for goodness sake!!

Although you both look very cute in that last photo.

Take care lovely


At 26/1/06 3:28 pm, Blogger lilrach said...

Hehe - yes Jo, David is extremely hot. But I would be very worried indeed if you (being his sister)(<-- for the benefit of my other readers) agreed with me!!


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