Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Wonderful Man and Other Stories

It's Dave and my 2 year anniversary - awwww :o) and I got flowers!! Not just any flowers I might add, but 12 very beautiful red roses, completely unexpectedly. (This picture is not these particlar ones, but a previous bunch, as I have no means of photography or transfer onto computer at work so can't photograph todays lovely arrival). They are beautiful, and although he is naughty for spending his money, I love and appreciate them very much. Thank you Dave, I love you.

Ok, slushy bit over, I promise. Oooo, except to say that on Sunday it was 6 months to go until our big day - being inside the 6 month barrier is very nice!

Right, actually moving on, had a lovely lovely weekend. Friday night I was feeling rough , and Dave came to dinner on his way down to Guildford for the weekend. But being the very wonderful man he is he stayed for the night (in my spare room!) just to be there for me, which I also appreciated beyond belief! Then Saturday morning he headed down to Guildford and I went on the Christianity Explored Day away. It was great to catch up with the students I'd had on my table last term, especially a couple of girls who travelled over from London every Thursday, but go to a different church on a Sunday so who we don't get to see. It was a great looking at the various aspects of life as a Christian. Very challenging, yet hugely encouraging at the same time. God has made so many wonderful provisions for us, in His church, the Bible, the opportunity to pray, and of course His Holy Spirit. What a good thing He doesn't leave us to stumble along on our own!

Then I headed down to Guildford to visit Cat. Much fun and laughter had at their house as her 3 lovely housemates were heading out to their department ball looking beautiful. And they still did 6 hours later when they returned and Cat and I were still up chatting - achievement!

Sunday it was great to be back at Millmead - I miss those people so much, and the teaching and music is ACE! And Ali and Marianne (whose wedding we went to in September and who now live up North) were there too - the last people we expected to see, so that must be the best surprise of the weekend. More time spent with the ladies at number 18, and a visit to see Dan, Sarah, baby Hannah and bump!! Very exciting :-) Baby Hannah has grown up so much, and can't really be called 'baby' any more so I shall have to leave that habit behind me! It was great to catch up with them though, they are so wise and have such an insight into Dave and I it's almost scary, but I shall always appreciate their wisdom and care for us, it's been a real encouragement.

Rubbish, this was only meant to be a quick post, sorry everyone. Let me just leave you with the news that Surrey CU are having their events week this week (specific info on the website, link somewhere there -->), so please pray that God would be working in the hearts and lives of those hearing the gospel this week, and that His kingdom might be extended! Thanks all.

Coming soon, pictures of Ali and Marianne's wedding, as I finally got them off Cat! Wait in eager anticipation...


At 8/2/06 8:23 am, Blogger Sarah said...

Dan, Sarah, baby Hannah and bump!?!

At 8/2/06 6:06 pm, Blogger Dave said...

Yep! Bump is due in April, so there will be two mini-Hope-Gill's at the wedding!


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